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Modern Materials Handling Article: The Story in Pallets

Zach Gilbert, PLA's Chief Commercial Officer, was recently featured in the article The Story in Pallets in Modern Materials Handling magazine. An excerpt of the article appears below.

So, you’re going to lunch today with your team, and you want to be ready. You know this group, and somebody is sure to bring up the subject of pallets. What are you going to tell them?

Don’t worry. Modern has your back.

Three words are sure to get you and the conversation going: sustainability, automation and innovation. Better yet, all three are actually interconnected.

Who would have thought? But they are. So, stay with us here. It’s actually quite an interesting story with a host of key players.

At this point, it’s actually more than a little off the mark to be dismissive of pallets. More is expected of them than ever and they’re rising to the challenge. Pallets may not be glamorous, but…

No longer is a pallet just a pallet. Furthermore, pallets of all types are receiving a dose of attention to extend their time of usefulness, their performance during that time and how they are disposed of when it’s all over.

Read the full article here.