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Man in a yellow PLA t-shirt moving a crate

Custom Crating

Get just the right crates for the job, when and where you need them.

Put a stop to non-stop interruptions

When your supplier finally finds lumber for your crates, but your shipment’s already late.

Your customers don’t care what’s going on in the lumber market, they expect their deliveries in full and on time. PLA has built long-standing relationships with lumber suppliers over three decades of partnership, working closely with them to maintain supply when markets are tight.

When you realize a small design change could have saved you millions.

PLA doesn’t just take your spec and shop it out to anyone who’ll take the job. We’ve built custom pallets and crates for over 3 decades, and we take the time to understand your product and customers’ requirements. Then, we can suggest design and/or material modifications that meet your needs and lower your costs.

When your volume is too small for anyone to bother.

Plenty of people will quote your high-volume crates, but no one wants to take on the specialty stuff. Maybe they don’t have the right equipment, or maybe it’s just too much hassle. PLA sees our customers differently: our job is to help you get what you need, when and where you need it.

Machinery cutting a pallet

Stay on top of all your specialty crating demands

We’ve been producing highly customized crating for over 30 years. Small volumes to large, standard footprints to odd-sized, we’ll build what you need to get the job done.

When you’re tired of hearing excuses, PLA is ready

Big or small, simple or complex, new or recycled: we’ll build you the crates you need.

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From Florida to Alaska, PLA has you covered from coast-to-coast. With our national footprint of company owned-and-operated facilities and expansive partner network, we’re there where you need us.

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Rest assured your crates’ design and construction will be precise and consistent with our CAD design tools and modern, automated equipment.

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Put our three decades of crating expertise and long-standing lumber supply relationships to work for you, ensuring the best crate for your needs and material supply that can withstand market fluctuations.

Industry Commitment

Stay on top of it all

You can rely on PLA to help you get just the right crates, when and where you need them.