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Man with a hammer providing on-site services

On-Site Services

Stay on top of it all without doing it all yourself.

Outsource your non-essential warehouse tasks to PLA.

Get the most from your pallets with on-site pallet management. We’ll work with you to design your on-site pallet program, fully customized to meet the needs of each individual facility to ensure proper pallet inventory levels, minimized waste, and maximized pallet revenues.
Improve your staff productivity with on-site labor services. PLA can provide trained staff to execute a variety of warehouse management tasks, including freight handling, lumping, trailer processing and returns, and janitorial services, so your staff can spend their time on business-critical activities.
Use our expertise and equipment to optimize your pallet program. We can provide trained managers and labor along with our own equipment to sort the pallets in your facility and either repair and return them to you or sell them for recycling on your behalf. We’re focused on improvement and will always be looking for ways to improve your program, lower your costs, and increase your revenue streams.
Stay flexible with an outsourced solution that’s easy to scale up or down. By utilizing our labor and equipment, your program can adapt over time as your needs change – with no FTE or CapEx investment risk for you.

Stay on top of it all

Let PLA manage your pallet program and other warehouse services at your facilities. We’ll carefully evaluate your needs and tailor a program that’s perfect for you.

On-site services

PLA’s trained staff can expertly execute a variety of pallet management and other warehouse services at your facility, keeping your own personnel free to focus on business-critical work.


Image showing PLA on-site services
People icon Our labor

PLA will provide fully trained labor on a full- or part-time basis, as your needs dictate.

Building icon Your facility Our staff will work at your facility to handle any pallet management or warehouse tasks you require.
Clipboard icon Your program We’ll co-design a flexible on-site program that meets each of your facilities’ precise needs.

Get out from under non-essential warehouse tasks

Let PLA put together a customized on-site program so your DC staff can spend their time on business critical activities. We’ll provide trained staff and equipment at your facilities for as many hours and days per week as is needed, and no more.

Check mark icon
National infrastructure We’ve got you covered from Florida to Alaska, no matter where your DCs are.
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Results without hassle Hit your KPIs and pallet revenue targets without having to manage all the labor and logistics.
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Scalable programs

We can increase or decrease labor hours, equipment, and task loads for our personnel as your needs change, with no FTE or CapEx investment risk for you.

On-Site Pallet and Warehouse Management

PLA staff can ensure proper pallet inventory levels, minimize waste, maximize pallet revenues, and execute a variety of warehouse tasks at your DCs.

Pallet icon Pallet repair and return
Stack of pallets icon Pallet core sales
Truck icon Freight handling
Trailer icon Trailer and yard management

Stay on top of it all

You can rely on PLA to deliver an on-site program that gives you just what you need, when and where you need it.